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Information for Students in Joe Lumsden's Classes


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Most Recent Assignment Results (First Year)

First Year Advanced Composition
Result for all assignments since Buddha!

Hamdi 13.00
Firdeus 7.67
Halil 7.32
Fadime 7.06
Banu (1) 6.71 (about Izmir)
Recep 6.16
Banu (2) 5.57
Nimet 5.52
Reyhan 5.38
Esra.E 4.74
Fatma.D 4.31
Husnu (1) 4.15
Husnu (2) 3.55 (about sports)
Gulsah 3.03
Fatma.K 2.28

Advanced Composition Info and Grades

Any results which appear on this page have already been added to the total grades on the 'Advanced Composition' page.