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Information for Students in Joe Lumsden's Classes


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Advanced Grammar

Advanced Grammar Test Results

Advanced Grammar I

Course Outline 

This course aims to give students the opportunity to develop their English Language ability at the beginning of their lives at university in order to be able to deal with the demands of an English Language and Literature degree course more successfully in later years.  Lessons will be based on materials taken from Advanced-level textbooks and students are expected to reach First-Certificate level by the end of the year.  Lesson content will vary but will be based on four main areas of the English language.

(a)    Traditional style grammar lessons focussing on one particular subject in one lesson.

(b)   Phrasal Verb study, as learning and using phrasal verbs correctly is one of the biggest obstacles that students of the English language face.

(c)    Vocabulary building, primarily in order to assist students with reading.

(d)   Word study, aimed at allowing students to avoid making silly errors when using vocabulary and to gain confidence in using different registers when writing.

Student Requirements

Students are not required to buy the books that will be used.  Photocopies of the units that will be studied in class can be purchased at the photocopy centre on campus.  As there is a lot of material to cover, students will be expected to attend regularly, and worksheets will probably need to be completed at home. 

Method of Assessment

During the semester, there will be six tests, based entirely on the work that has been done in class.  These tests will take approximately one hour to complete and the date of the tests will be decided by the instructor.  Students will have no prior knowledge of test dates, so last minute revision will be impossible.  Instead, learning will occur constantly throughout the semester and students should always be prepared for a test on any day.  These tests will each account for 10% of the students final mark, giving a total of 60%.  The other 40% will be based on a final exam at the end of the semester, which will incorporate the whole semesters work.

To check schedule and lesson cancellations or changes:

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