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Essays and Writings
Joseph Conrad and the Development of 'Modernism' | In Defense of Pangloss : Candide and The Personal Utopia | The Concept of 'Determinism' in American Literature | The 'Truth' in a Postmodern World | Chinua Achebe and the Importance of 'Writing Back' | Power and Ambition in the Drama of Christopher Marlowe | Using and Abusing 'Orpheus'

Welcome to the English people and Hosh Geldiniz to the Turks!

On this page you'll find a number of essays on a variety of subjects that I've written over the past few years. Most of them are connected to courses studied and material used at Fatih University. As these essays are not intended for publication in any way, students are free to read and use this material as they like. Hopefully, in the near future, I'll be able to add some more essays connected to the courses I teach.

What you will not find here however, is personal information of any kind. Other people seem to know more about my personal life than I do. Don't waste your time trying to find out gossip about teachers; use the time to learn something useful!

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